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    What is a Virtual Office? FAQ

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    What is a Virtual Office?

    Best of all, this question is answered by Wikipedia.

    What is the address of my company?

    14 Rue de Grand-Bigard, 1082 Brussels. You can see it on Google maps.

    18 Brusselsesteenweg 1730 Asse

    What do I need to start my work with the Office Hof?

    Simply fill in the on-line Subscription form and within an hour after filling your virtual office is functional.

    What are Virtual Office rent contract terms?

    The rent contract has 1-year duration with the possibility to stop it any moment from 4-st month without any penalty.

    What are payment terms?

    Office Hof’s services are prepaid.

    Client disposes the personal account at Office Hof, where all services are charged. In the beginning of each month the billing system takes from there the amount for the month office rent; charges for meeting rooms or working places reservations arrive there in the moment of the appropriate resource online order; phone calls are credited to this account in the real time etc…

    To guarantee the services inconsistence customer’s account can be always provisioned in advance. By default each customer defines himself the amount ant rhythm of his prepayments, he’s able to pay twice a month or even annually, it depends only from his initiative.

    The automatic account surveillance will remember the client about account low balance, especially before the end of month, that’s why we recommend not forget to read e-mails from Office Hof.

    How the invoicing pass?

    The invoicing pass automatically in the beginning of each month (between 1-st and 3-rd days of the month) for the previous one, invoices join clients on e-mail. It means that 2-nd of June the customer will receive the invoice for the May; in this invoice are shown all May’s transactions, such as month office rent pass, meeting room reservations, phone charges as well as all entry payments.

    Under the special request we can send to the client the proforma – invoice to facilitate him the prepayment procedure. No manual invoice generation is possible under the customer request.

    Are some discounts available?

     For the whole-year prepayment we provide -10% from the total amount. Please contact sales to declare such kind of prepayment.

    What payment methods do you accept?

    Offline: via Bank transfer

    Online: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Bancontact, PayPal

    I need to book a meeting room. How to do it?

    You enter your personal account on the website and using the name given at registration and reserve the required room (meeting-room, cabinet etc) for the needed date and time.
    Your dongle which you got at the first office visit, will automatically receive the access to the right locks.
    Thus you will not need the Office Hof employees help, though they are always near and are always pleased to assist.

    I need to get my clients to be able to reach me on the phone number Brussels. Is it possible?

    Yes. Even within a small package you are given an extension number in the Office Hof PBX, which means that your customer can always call the number +32 2 585370 and dial the extension number (eg, 123) to communicate with you. The call will be delivered to you free via VoIP, or, for a small fee is forwarded to a phone number in the public telephone network you specify. As part of the VO + package or a separate order provided you have your own dedicated phone number. And not only in Brussels, but in almost every major city in Europe and the USA.

    Is it possible to use VoIP telephony from the Office Hof for outgoing phone calls?

    Yes. Quality and low price – that’s our motto. Details can be found in the tariff for the services of VoIP.

    In addition within the framework of VO + at a separate request it is possible to maintain non-limited numer of phones in the own company telephone network as well as realize the calls of any complexity (auto attandant, call forwarding, voice mail etc).