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Desk: MON - FRI 10:00 AM - 02:00 PM; Access:24/7  
{:en}Legal company address in Brussels – virtual office in Brussels{:}{:fr}Adresse de la société juridique à Bruxelles - bureau virtuel à Bruxelles{:}{:ru}Юридический адрес компании в Брюсселе - виртуальный офис в Брюсселе{:}{:nl}Juridisch adres in Brussel - Virtuele kantoorruimte Brussel{:}

Legal company address in Brussels – just in the Europe’s heart

Modern infrastructure and the old city charm, proximity to EU, BE institutions and  comfort in quiet and prestigious area of Brussels.

{:en}Serviced office “Office Hof” in Brussels - virtual office in Brussels{:}{:fr}Bureau équipé "Office Hof" à Bruxelles - bureau virtuel à Bruxelles{:}{:ru}Обслуживаемый офис «Офис Хоф» в Брюсселе - виртуальный офис в Брюсселе{:}{:nl}Kantoorkantoor "Office Hof" in Brussel - Virtueel kantoor in Brussel{:}

Serviced office “Office Hof” in Brussels  Essentials to start working

Modern cost-effective office center with largest service range in the quiet and prestigious quarter of Brussels.

{:en}Simple and quick to get your virtual office in Belgium{:}{:fr}Simple et rapide pour obtenir votre bureau virtuel en Belgique{:}{:ru}Простой и быстрый способ получить виртуальный офис в Бельгии{:}{:nl}Eenvoudig en snel om je Virtuele kantoorruimte België te krijgen{:}

Get your office in 2 minutes
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Choose your product for the most effective work

Virtual office

Your office always receives mail, parcels, your visitors, calls even if you are out.

Serviced office
in Brussels

(Managed office)

Modern offices for small companies.
Fully equipped and ready for rent.

We always offer the largest range of services for any choice

Business address

{:en}Virtual office in Brussels Belgium{:}{:fr}Bureau virtuel Belgique{:}{:ru}Виртуальный офис в Бельгии{:}{:nl}Virtuele kantoorruimte België{:}
Meeting rooms


Common space

Visitor reception

Secretary service


Mail to e-mail

Fax to e-mail

Parcel service

Office facilities

Hi speed internet

Printing & scanning

Coffee & snacks




IT services

Our prices

Virtual office lite

49 from / monthly
essentials to start working
best choice

Virtual office

79 from / monthly
if you already know what you want for work

Virtual office +

99 from / monthly
all inclusive and even more for better work

Real office

175 from / monthly
well designed offices from 5 to 60 sq.m.
Have you already decided to become our client?

Fully automated business center

Online WEB subscription and resource reservation, real-time billing with automatic month invoicing, instant payments, modern access control and time management solution, state-of-the-art video surveillance – these are just some elements of our process arrangement.

Office Hof main entrance

Office Hof main entrance

Welcome to Office Hof!

Smart and cheap Virtual office in Brussels

Maximal services quantity of the highest quality at the very balanced prices – this is our positioning.
We have created a modern, well-equipped and finished infrustructure for your convenience, high effeciency and comfort of your work. This is your virtual office Brussels!

Van Breughel

Van Breughel

``Van Breughel`` personal corporate office.

Modern telecommunication solutions

Mail and fax to e-mail service, state-of-the-art dedicated IP PBX, local and international personal phone numbers, VPN and data storage solutions – these are your keys to comfort and efficacy of your business.

Dedicated working cabinet

Dedicated working cabinet

All of you need for the quiet and productive work

Meeting rooms

Two our rooms, for 6 and 8 persons, are well equipped with all necessary presentation stuff: conferencing phone, video projector, audio speakers system, white board, markers etc… Just reserve them for the time you need!



«Ambiorix» meeting room for 8 pers.

Common or dedicated workplace

Whatever you use – the workplace in the common area or a dedicated cabinet, you always dispose high-speed internet connection, the phone, computer, network printer and scanner.

Four steps to make your office operational



Choose the product that corresponds better to your needs


Fill Subscription form

Fill the easy subscription form


Pay 1st invoice

Make online or offline payment for the first 3 months


Use you new office

Enjoy all capabilities of your new office

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