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    Virtual office Office Hof

    Today’s general trend for small and medium-sized businesses is not to rent a real office and seat there the personal; business center “Office Hof” follows this mainstream. If you need the office in European Community (CE) the optimal solution is the Virtual Office in Brussels in “Office Hof”.

    If you have decided to open your business or its branch in Belgium, you certainly know why this country is so attractive for it.

    Firstly, Belgium is the heart of CE and provides you the maximal facilities in communications and voyages to all countries of Schengen community.

    Second: Belgian taxation is easy and transparent; there are numerous conventions with many countries to exclude the double taxation.

    Thirdly, the business opening in Brussels helps you to obtain the Belgian residence permit and even the Belgian nationality.

    If you’ve decided to start your business in Belgium – rent the Virtual Office in Brussels in “Office Hof” business center, this is the comfort and cheap business way.

    We are able to suggest you as the managed office in Brussels from 15 to 60 m2, as well the Virtual office in Belgium at the cost-effective price with a lot of value-added services, such as rent of meeting rooms, dedicated cabinets and workplaces, secretary services or IP telephony.

    If you’re not ready to rent the serviced office in Belgium, the virtual office in Brussels is your key to the success that allows you setup the company legal address in Brussels, real welcome-customer service, reception, scanning and resend by e-mail of your letters (even registered), parcel service, treatment of your incoming phone calls and meeting management.

    Our prices will excite owners of small- and medium-sized businesses. You can rent the Virtual office in Brussels from 49 Euro per month having the possibility to manage your ordered options list: from easiest request for the legal company address in Brussels to a VIP service level with practically unlimited capabilities to grow.

    Looking your service requests we will also provide you the optimal variant of Virtual or Real office in Belgium.

    Starting your business in Belgium, take the Virtual office in Brussels from “Office Hof” business center – this is the comfort and cost-effective way to have a stable customer relations in Belgium and whole European community.

    Rent your Virtual office in Belgium is very easy and cheap. Just sign-up on the WEB site and obtain an access to your personal room, from where you manage all your service flow. All of our services are fully automated: as soon as you pass the subscription and make the first prepayment, you have an immediate access to all options.

    Our personal speaks on many languages, our meeting rooms are hyper-equipped and ready to welcome your visitors, all is designed for your business comfort, you can even not sense the difference between Virtual office in Brussels and your native real office.